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ServiceBridal makeup
Price rangefrom $14.00 to $45.00
DescriptionInclude eyebrow tidy, individual lashes and 2-3 professional portrait photographs of you with your completed bridal makeup.
ServiceProm 7 special occasion makeup application
Price rangefrom 35.00 to $175.00
Description15 minutes Eyes Only
ServiceFilm, Photography, TV
Price rangefrom $17.50 to $39.00
DescriptionHD airbrush makeup application
Price rangefrom $4.50 to $50.00
DescriptionPrivate lesson(1 hour)
# Committee Designation
1 Bengal Chember of Commerce and Industries Company Affairs Committee Member
2 EIRC of ICSI (2015 - 18) Council Member
3 EIRC of ICSI (2017) Treasurer
4 Eastern India Region Council of ICSI, 2015 Secretary
5 Building Committee of EIRC of ICSI, 2016 Chairperson
6 IT Committee of EIRC of ICSI, 2016 Chairperson
7 PR Committee of EIRC of ICSI, 2015 1Chairperson
8 Study Circle Committee of EIRC of ICSI, 2015 Chairperson
9 Finance Committee, EIRC (2014) Member
10 Public Relations Committee, EIRC (2014) Member
11 Research Committee, EIRC (2014) Member
12 Hospitality Committee of 42nd National Convention of Company Secretaries, ICSI Member
13 Calcutta Study Circle on Corporate Law & Allied Subjects Member
14 European Master of Law and Economics (EMLE) Programme Associate Member
15 Newsletter Committee, EIRC (2011) Member

Under Ms De’s patronage, one of the companies promoted by her, Nandi Resources Generation Technology Pvt. Ltd. has become an Associate Member of the acclaimed European Master in Law and Economics programme and the company shares the prestigious advisory position alongside only three other Indian organizations being the Central Depository Services Ltd., FoxMandal Little Solicitors & Advocates and the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. The position involves an advisory role in the policy-relevant analysis of law and economics with special emphasis on the corporate sector.

European Master Law and Economics Associate Members