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Doll Collection

Ms De has a humongous collection of dolls – more than 1500, from all over the globe. Being a true blue traveller, she collects the native dolls wherever she goes. Major contributors to her collection are her close friends from all over the world, whom she met during her university days in Europe, as well as her cousins who stay abroad, all of whom make sure to pick up dolls for her. As her house is getting bursting with the dolls, Ms De aspires to open a doll museum to show off her dolls to the world. From metal dolls to wooden, bamboo, palm dolls, wire, woolen, clay, rag dolls, as well as dolls made from terracotta, venyl, stone, jute, coconut husk to puppets and recycled dolls are present from all over India. The most attractive and indigenous are the Kondapalli dolls from Andhra, Tanjore dolls from Tamil Nadu, lacquer dolls, Indian nesting dolls and Rajasthani puppets. The dolls that have travelled from overseas from more than 30 countries are made from porcelain, beads, leather, rag, venyl, wood, plastic, papier mache. The Matroshka dolls that have upto 15 pieces and the Barbie sets with innumerable varieties are indeed a treasure.