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An avid writer, she has authored a number of articles on Corporate Governance, Insurance market and products and Renewable Energy Technology in both Indian publications including the Chartered Secretary and International journals. A handful of her articles on the Indian Insurance market scenario in 2011 earned her a place in the book ‘A Guide to Global Insurance Regulations’ published by UK based Strategic RISK publication.

Books and Articles

Company Law and CS

Company Law Ready Referencer
Corporate Lex Publishers
Date : September 2016
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Hedging against contingencies with Professional Liability Insurance
EIRC Newsletter
Date : October 2010 Download

Company Secretary and Comparative Corporate Governance
EIRC Newsletter
Date : December 2010 Download

Directors' and Officers' Liability Insurance - the need of the hour
Chartered Secretary
Date : Feb 2011 Download

Corporate Governance - An Economic Perspective
Chartered Secretary
Date : April 2011 Download

Corporate sustainability - a new paradigm
EIRC Newsletter
Date : April 2011 Download

Professional Liability Insurance - Desideratum for Company Secretaries
Chartered Secretary
Date : July 2011 Download

Company Secretary - Terra Incognita in Comparative Corporate Governance
Chartered Secretary
Date : March 2012 Download

Women Directorship - a laudable initiative towards women empowerment
Management Accountant
Date : July 2016 Download

Corporate Social Responsibility

Critical Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility
EIRC Newsletter
Date : June 2014 Download

Social Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Social Responsibility and the thin line in between
WIRC - ARC Indore
Date : June 2016 Download

A Practical Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility - Law, Accounting and Taxation Aspects
Bloomsbury India Professional
Date : June, 2017


Economic Perspective into Corporate Governance
Date : August 2015 Download

Law and Economics of Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)
Sustainable Energy Review
Date : April - June 2013 Download

Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Instruments
Sustainable Energy Review
Date : Jan - March 2013 Download


Entrepreneurs, Their Role in Skill Development and vice versa
ICSI National Convention
Date : October 2015 Download

Social Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Social Responsibility and The Thin Line in between
Date : June 2016 Download


Dubai Desert Safari - an Electrifying Roller Coaster Ride
Touriosity Travelmag
Date : Nov - Dec 2012 Download

Glimpses of History while Cruising on the Mediterranean
Touriosity Travelmag
Date : January 2013 Download

Journey of the Buddha to Enlightenment and Beyond
Touriosity Travelmag
Date : November 2016 Download

Nawabi and Kebabi Heritage of Lucknow
Touriosity Travelmag
Date : November 2013 Download


Production of sweetmeat utilising solar thermal energy - economic and thermal analysis of a case study
Elsevier Journal of Cleaner Production
Date : 2005