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Cooking is seen more as a passion than just a daily chore for Ms De. It helps her in distressing after a hectic day. A foodie in its truest sense, she loves to experiment with different cuisines and ingredients with no set recipes, giving her food touches of local cuisines she has picked up from her voyages across the world. Italian, Chinese, Indian, Bangladeshi, Tunisian, Tibetan are some of her specialities, excelling in both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. What started with experimental Bengali chops went on to momos, seafood delicacies, pork biryani, chilli mushrooms, pork and lamb chops! Her signature items are the dishes prepared with rice, each one a unique combinations and flavours and ingredients. Emu, quail, sting ray are some of the odd ingredients she has turned into delicacies. What she plans to do with her one-of-a-kind recipes is print them in a cookbook for the food lovers.